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Well hello, traveler! Welcome to the Ugly Duckling Inn! I know it doesn’t look like much, but it holds a veritable treasure trove of musings, ideas, and thoughts to make any wayward soul feel like he’s finally found what he’s searching for.

Please, put your feet up. Make yourself at home. What would like? A mug of ale? Some tea? A little red wine? Stories? Adventures? Quests? You’ve come to the right place!


What Is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game?

A tabletop roleplaying game is, at its core, a simulation to create a heroic story with your friends utilizing some weird-looking dice. It differs from MMORPGs in that the game is not scripted per-se; one player, the Gamemaster (sometimes refereed to as the GM, DM, or referee) controls every other element of the world, including the local shopkeeper, the evil wizard in the tower, and the hulking dragon over the next rise of mountains. Ultimately, however, you decide your character’s actions: how he talks, what he likes and dislikes, his mood, what he cares about, and anything else you could imagine about a protagonist in a story. Each player other than the GM controls a character, and each character can manipulate objects and do whatever he wants, within the GM’s reasoning. This leads to an ongoing narrative between the players and the GM, with the GM adjudicating what the players can and cannot do and the players in turn trying to overcome challenges placed in front of them by the GM. And it doesn’t have to be a fantasy world; there are many sci-fi and futuristic RPGs out there, as well as real-world and alternate-reality games. If you search hard enough, you can find nearly any game to fill your appetite for the story you want to tell with your friends. Of course, there are also many “generic” RPGs out there that can handle a setting of your own invention that doesn’t fit into any other RPG you’ve seen so far. And if you can’t find a game that fits your specific needs, you can always make one yourself, utilizing examples from games you’re familiar with or start straight from scratch. There are many blogs, forums, and videos that can help you get started as you create your own RPG. And when you do, tell me about it! I’d love to play and review it for you, and get the word spread!

This is my blog, where I ramble on about various bits my OCD self encounters related to RPGs. I might talk one day about tips concerning how to roleplay better, the next about a game my friend is going to run, a movie I saw last Friday, and another day speculating if cheese is going to fall from the sky. Whatever takes my fancy, really. I hope you enjoy your stay and find it worth a read!


Also, check out those other blogs I like! Especially A Cup of Tea. That’s my sister’s blog.



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